Pascalle Nelemans - Nutrition

443A Moss Vale Rd
Bowral 2576
0427 916 849
0427 916 849
Southern Highlands, Northern Beaches, North Shore

Weight loss, detox, no more bloating, more energy, happy kids, Pascalle coaches you towards better health!

Pascalle offers services for digestive issues such as IBS, coeliac disease, mental health disorders such as anxiett, thyroid issues like hashimoto, preconception for men and women, eczema, colds and allergies amongst other conditions.

She takes a special interest in women's and children's health.


She also offers special programs: a detox program and a weight loss program. See for more detail 'the program' section of this website.

Private Consultations

During the initial consultation, Pascalle will take a thorough case history and dietary assessment and together with the client, she will design an optimum tailor designed nutritional strategy program.

Follow up appointments are there to check in on the client and to fine tune the program.

Home Pantry/Fridge Detox

 Let's get rid of all the junk foods in your cupboards! Yes we are going to throw out all the problem foods today and discuss better alternatives.

Food Shopping Adventures

Now that your kitchen has been detoxed, we are going on a food shopping trip where you will learn all about understanding food labels so you can make well informed choices for you and your family.

Workshops for Parents and Children

  • Workshops for parents

  • Cooking classes for children

See for more detail in the 'Workshops' section of this website.

Pascalle consults privately from her clinic in Bowral and offers mobile services to busy mums at the Northern Beaches and at the North Shore. Other parts of Sydney on special request.

Call me to arrange an appointment. 0427 916 849

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